Hi, I'm John Richter

I'm currently building an event hosting platform for amateur motorsports organizations full time at Paddock Tech. We empower organizations to plan, manage, and market their race, time trial, and driver education events while participants enjoy the benefits of a unified ecosystem for timing, scoring, and coaching in the paddock, at the track.

In my spare time (depending on how you look at it) I travel across the country with my favorite band of motorhead misfits, Gran Touring Motorsports (GTM), to drive new race tracks and help others realize both their own and their car's potential at full throttle. We're over 70 members and continue to grow every year. I co-direct the club's D.C. region of nearly 40 people, occasionally write and contribute to articles on the club's blog, and bet you'll find candid shots of me on their Instagram.

As you can imagine, I've gained a lot of experience driving and coaching over the years.

In my blog I like to share the wisdom I've gained through the experience of bootstrapping a company, practical tricks I've learned for building attractive, resiliant, and performant software, my adventures in motorsports, and more.

I've also built a few side projects in the past and tend to have one or two that I'm working on at any given time. Check them out if you have a moment!

Professionally, I've built a reputation for building and designing high quality applications and websites with scalable, modern backends over the last decade as a software engineer.

In my previous position I joined my friends at Qntfy to combat and prevent suicide using social and behavorial analytics. I also built cutting edge data analysis and security tools at DARPA.

Prior to that I held several positions at the U.S. Department of Defense where I developed computer network exploitation tools, built metrics, monitoring, and performance analysis products for 1000+ node Hadoop clusters, graduated from the DoD's first cohort of I-Corps (a YC-like accelerator), and spoke at internal technical and security conferences.

Oh yeah, I've also built embedded software for light and heavy armored vehicles used by the U.S. military. Discover more about my career ->

I always keep my comms open. Have an interesting opportunity or just want to say hi? Let's chat. Try email or Twitter first. If I'm M.I.A., odds are one of the other social networks will get my attention. I'll do my best to answer the call!