Website 2.0 and Acknowlegements

4 mins
Nov 17, 2019

Release Day!

It has taken a while to get this done, but damn it feels good. I put a pretty good amount of effort into this one so I could really grow my design skills and intuition. It was a great excuse to finally dive deep into Gatsby to see how I could use it for Paddock Tech in the future. Verdict — it’s amazing. Prerendering is really the way to go with React.

I’ve written more about this revision over on its project page for those interested. The short and sweet is


While I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished, it wouldn’t have been possible without a bunch of incredibly talented people who have put the time and energy into their own personal websites and open sourced them. I’ve done the same hoping that my efforts can help someone like me in the future.

A special thanks goes to Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan who’s Refactoring UI book provided invaluable advice for a developer like me to level up my design and UI game. It was worth every dollar it and will help me keep getting better for years to come (perhaps very soon on Trackside).

Without any further adieu, thank you

Brittany Chiang, Aaron Noel De Leon (Nelo), Max Böck, Julian Shapiro, Dan Abramov, Kent C. Dodds, Paul Stamatiou, Justin Jackson, Andrew Askins, and Stuart Balcombe, you all are incredible. You’ve all inspired or helped me technically in some way during the development of this website. Keep up the great work — you’ve gained long time fan!