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Motorsports event discovery and management


Trackside is my first foray into progressive, offline-enabled web applications and is the first app for Paddock Tech, a motorsports technology company that I'm building. I've built the entire backend and frontend so only the main features of the app are highlighted for brevity. More detailed and technical deep dives are available in my blog.

Born out of a need for accurate and to-the-minute information about the state of a track event in real-time, the goal for this app is to centralize critical event information to make it easily discoverable and consumable at a glance. Since the only device most people have at these events is their mobile phone, the app is heavily optimized for mobile.

One of the most frequent things that participants do is check the schedule to determine where they need to be and when. To make this information skimmable, summaries and time-until countdowns for the current and upcoming activities are presented within first screen. With a single tap, all detailed information about each activity is viewable.

Another common knowledge gap is where the drivers can pass. We color the track map in accordance to permitted passing zones depending on skill level.

Traditional schedules can to be hard to read and follow. Each event has a graphical timeline representation of the schedule that follows the current local time. Each group has a color which matches the color of the arm band handed out to participants at the track for easy identification. Event staff and driving instructors benefit from being able to view the exact state of the event across all skill level groups.

In order for participants to find their event, Trackside includes an in-depth event discovery engine. Filter by track, organization, event format, and more. Users can also discover new tracks and events that they may want to attend later in the season.