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Personal Website 1.0

Expanding my digital presence


This was my first attempt at a personal website. I wanted to have a simple web presence which described my work, side projects I was working on, and hobbies. At the time I was using GoLang and Jinja/Python heavily for my work at Qntfy. Since Go's html/template library is similar to Jinja it seemed like a good way to learn if and how I could transition Python-based sites to GoLang.

Hugo, a static site generator built on top of html/template made the creation of the website really simple. I used a free template from the Hugo gallery, added my content, and published the site in less than three days. While it was great for a simple website like mine, I ultimately didn't iterate on it past the initial publication.

The amount of effort it would take to fully customize pages and templates, difficulty of implementing dynamic content in the browser, and markdown-based content requirement made it difficult to justify spending the time to improve and maintain the site. I was also well into the development of Trackside, a ReactJS-based progressive web application, and wanted to have the same wonderful client-side experience with my personal website.